Good Research is the foundation of any success story. And at ABPL. we believe it to be the backbone of our services and our company. With a strong and dedicated research team which is constantly engaged in analyzing the Indian economy, its market structure and trends, it is our constant Endeavour to bring you quality research that help you in your financial decisions every time.

ABPL provides access to the Latest Research Reports, Daily Market Dairy, Pivot Points and Derivative Dairy to help investors in financial planning and investment needs.

ABPL offers customized financial planning and investment needs with best quality of service which proactively helps investors to take informed equity investment decisions and build a healthy and wealthy portfolio.

The combination of our global expertise and specialist local knowledge enables us to protect and enhance the wealth of our clients and their families through a comprehensive range of investment services and solutions


Our research output includes :


  • Reports based on Fundamental Analysis
  • Reports based on Technical Analysis


Fundamental Analysis


The approach here is essentially top-down with extensive coverage encompassing 10 major sectors and over 100 companies that are regularly updated and tracked by our research team.


Technical Analysis


ABPL has dedicated Technical Analysis cell studying stock price charts in order to gauge the shifts in the demand & supply of a stock in the market. Our analysts estimate changes occurring in the market sentiment and use past price movements to predict future behavior.